Monday, August 3, 2009

Some helpful tips...

Someday I'll write a blog post on every tip and trick I've learned when it comes to having a booth at an outside venue. For now, I just wanted to share a couple of key items that I often get asked about...I just got a fabulous banner. I only had to look as far as Etsy to find a banner maker who was fast, affordable and friendly. His name is Paul Wilson and his Etsy shop is Wilson Graphics. He can print whatever you want on thick vinyl complete with grommets and he has a variety of sizes. I chose the 1' x 3'. It only cost $22 + $10 shipping and I received it 4 days after I ordered it!

Make your life easier with a good folding cart. This one at is amazing. It folds up so small for storage and opens up so huge for carting all your wares.

I get business cards and postcards from They have good prices and quick turn around time. I like to go with a matte finish and rounded corners.

I also recently got mini moo cards and I LOVE them. They are small but sturdy cards, you get 100 for $19.95 but the best part is, they can be 100 different images! It's so great to be able to get a variety of images and not be limited to just one. I picked 20 images of what's currently available in my Etsy shop and got 5 of each.

Thasall for now. Just wanted to share...