Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Not really bloggin' but I am Instagrammin'

So life has gotten too busy to blog but you can visit my Instagram account for snapshots of my life and my jewelry.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Sometimes you have to go way WAY outside your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to leave your town, leave Vermont and go into the heart... of the heart... of the heart... Sometimes you gotta be a really small fish in a really big (EPIC!) pond, pull a seat up to the grown up table and try to have a good poker face. I wouldn't be able to do this without so many wonderful people who believe in me and who love and support my work. I thank you all for having my back in so many ways. I'm really proud of my booth, I worked with my restrictions of "booth on a budget" and "what will fit in my car" while trying to still look professional and convey my "me-ness". I'm going to do the best I can do here and really give it my all. After 6 months of planning I can just hope the next 4 days go well. This all feels pretty crazy but kinda right. xoxo

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Behind on Bloggin'

So June has been flying by! I had my studio opening on June 5th and it was great. I'm loving working there and working out of the home is pretty awesome. I like having a place to get up and go to and to separate out my work and home life, although I still work when I get home... There's no end to the work! Feelin' a bit overwhelmed but getting through it!
Thanks to Krissy Leigh Ruddy for taking this photo!
Almost done with all of the Kickstarter rewards! The brass relics are definitely the most popular!
Love this photo of Meg in her new Modern Relics and old Chakra Necklace.
The market is in full swing again. Love using this bamboo ladder in my display.
Took some amazing photos of Josie Feisty Ink to make into posters for NY NOW.
So gorgeous!
Made some custom Gold and Silver Sweet Lady Jane Earrings
My Chakra Wraps are now live on Yoga International!
My Ring Holder Necklace is now available at UncommonGoods.com!

So things have been pretty nutso... been tossing a lot of lines out into the waters and things are starting to ripple... Happy Solstice everybody. I hope to enjoy some summer before it flies by!

Friday, May 29, 2015

New Studio!

Busy week setting up my new studio! Almost done...here's some pics. Beyond thrilled to have Chawna's help with production. Friends for 15 years, now she will be helping me with my work while also embarking on her on jewelry journey! xo

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crazy May!

Things have been crazy. Like, crazier than usual. So crazy that it's been 2 weeks since I last posted despite my efforts to try to make a blog post every week. So here's what's been going on... 
Love this shirt, spotted at the lake!
I started another blog! It's called Burlington Boho and I plan for it to be a collaboration with so many of the amazing women here. "Featuring our love of all things Bohemian in BTV: Fashion, food, live music, yoga, art, the green mountains surrounding us, the large lake beside us and all the cool stuff in between." Check it out on Tumblr, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. :) 

It's always hard getting back into the swing of Artist Market season, which started last Saturday. I was a busy worker bee leading up to it and managed to have a ton of work ready. It was a great first Market and so good to see everyone again! 
Brianne, happy in her new earrings and necklace!
I have a similar schedule to last year, averaging 2 markets a month but it's really more like this for the summer:
May 23
June 13
Every Saturday in July! 
No Saturdays in August (I'll be getting ready for, going to and recovering from NYNOW.)
It's all subject to change but I think that's how it will shake out.

I'm working on store orders, sent this one out to The Shoe Horn a couple of weeks ago and I'm working on 2 more...
I'm working on the Kickstarter rewards and that's a whole beast in itself but I love working on this collection. 

I'm preparing to move into my new studio, can't wait. There's so little space for me to even move around in my current home studio so it will be amazing to have more space! And, I'm planning my studio opening party! 

I've been making some new designs, like these Mixed Metal Circle and Feather earrings (5 pairs have sold this week!). After a bit of a lull, Etsy has been rockin' this month. 

So that's what's been keepin' me busy. Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring and enjoying all the sunshine, flowers and outdoor livin'. xo

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Modern Relics 2015 - Hit My Kickstarter Goal!!!

So happy to have reached my goal on Kickstarter! Thank you all so much for your support - just 40 hours to go! I'm going to use additional funds toward advertising for the show and at the show, excited to be able to do that! 
Mother's day is Sunday... If you'd like to pick out a piece for your sweet mama or wife, I'm happy to send them a special gift card in time, with your personal message, letting them know they'll be receiving a new piece of jewelry next month and before it's available in shops. Just let me know!
Here's the gorgeous Molly modeling what will soon be her new Mixed Texture Circle necklace, goes great with her Sweet Lady Jane earrings
Took a nice little bike ride last week and came upon this moment of zen.
 That night I ran back out to get these gorgeous sunset and moon photos! 
On Friday I helped Nicole open her AMAZING new shop in Winooski called Birdfolk. What a great time! 
Fun to see my work on display there! 
So great to get that email last Friday night! Thank you all so SO much! Getting this email was a wonderful way to kick off the weekend. 

To those who've pledged, a survey will be sent out when the project ends that will allow you to select your piece(s). I've already contacted many local backers for their answers, I hope to have those pieces ready in time for pick up at my studio opening in early June. Above is a photo of the two most popular rewards so far - the Brass Riveted Relic and the Carved Silver Moon. Thank you again, so much, to those who've backed my project and spread the word! I can't wait to get the rewards out!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More Blog Features!

My Kickstarter project is 91% funded and there's 1 week to go! Thank you all for your support in getting this going. Feeling like it's going to happen! 
Two of my necklaces are featured on Forever Boho Check out this bohemian beauty's blog!
So cool to be featured on The Charley Girl​'s blog last week!
This is what I've been wearing...

And this...

I signed my contract for NY NOW and paid my deposit, they offered me a great booth space in the Personal Accessories Section. So scary and exciting!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Work Featured On BohoBunnie's Blog!

So cool to live vicariously through my jewelry that ventured out to the beautiful Andrea Whitt aka BohoBunnie in LA. She took it with her to Coachella for a fab photo shoot with her photographer beau Justin Zangerle aka ShutterandCutNot only does Andrea run her hugely successful BohoBunnie fashion blog but she's also a musician (she recently toured, playing fiddle, with Shania Twain!) artist and model. I just love her style and their photos. Here she's modelling my sterling spear pendant, my carved sterling v and my brass relic necklace. You can view these on Kickstarter -- >  HERE

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Photos of Modern Relics 2015

My Kickstarter campaign is off and running and almost half way to my goal! You can view the Kickstarter HERE! It's been so amazing to see the response to these pieces. I feel like a kid in a candy store being able to choose which piece or combination of pieces to wear on any given day. I love how they feel like armor; like badass-warrior-goddess-jewelry. These really fulfill the intention I had to make strong, bold necklaces and to pull this ancient feeling forward to modern times. I've been enjoying doing little photoshoots with all these new pieces. Here's what I've got so far...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new line! It's been a long time in the making. You can read more about this collection and see more photos HERE.