Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Behind on Bloggin'

So June has been flying by! I had my studio opening on June 5th and it was great. I'm loving working there and working out of the home is pretty awesome. I like having a place to get up and go to and to separate out my work and home life, although I still work when I get home... There's no end to the work! Feelin' a bit overwhelmed but getting through it!
Thanks to Krissy Leigh Ruddy for taking this photo!
Almost done with all of the Kickstarter rewards! The brass relics are definitely the most popular!
Love this photo of Meg in her new Modern Relics and old Chakra Necklace.
The market is in full swing again. Love using this bamboo ladder in my display.
Took some amazing photos of Josie Feisty Ink to make into posters for NY NOW.
So gorgeous!
Made some custom Gold and Silver Sweet Lady Jane Earrings
My Chakra Wraps are now live on Yoga International!
My Ring Holder Necklace is now available at UncommonGoods.com!

So things have been pretty nutso... been tossing a lot of lines out into the waters and things are starting to ripple... Happy Solstice everybody. I hope to enjoy some summer before it flies by!

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