Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the Cover of Metal Clay Artist Magazine!

Exciting news...a bit's been a crazy summer. My Chinese turquoise necklace is on the cover of Metal Clay Magazine and I have a lovely 5 page spread. It features 9 photos (all by Robert Diamante) of my work -to me it feels kind of like a retrospective of my last 10 years working with PMC. So many thanks to Jeanette LeBlanc and Margaret Schindel, this is such an honor and a thrill. They've made an amazing magazine, it just turned 2 years old with this issue. Thank you to Julia Rai for a great interview.

It's funny, the first thing some of my friends and colleagues have said upon reading it is "You were born in Miami!?!" I know, it's pretty random. I tried to read it as if I was reading about someone else and I thought 'I like what this person has to say', so that's a good thing!

It was so exciting to walk into Barnes and Noble today and see my piece, right there on the magazine rack. A tiny "I've made it!" feeling soared through me and motivates me to keep working away. My mom went to the Barnes and Noble near her and picked up a copy too, making sure to tell all the people that worked there that it was her daughter's work on the cover. Awe, mom.

So, that's the end of my gushing...I'm just really happy about this.