Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Contest Time!

Via Instagram... Starting right now - through Friday at 5:00pm (EST)

All participants have the option of getting a 10% coupon code for use in my Etsy shop. 2 winners will get a $100 gift certificate in my Etsy shop!

All you have to do is:
>>>Follow: @jenkahnjewelry
>>>Share:  photo of you or someone else wearing Jennifer Kahn Jewelry, or a photo of your Jennifer Kahn Jewelry Collection! 
>>>Tag:  @jenkahnjewelry in the photo and include #jenkahnjewelry 
>>>Enjoy:  10% off discount code in my Etsy shop. Contact me for the code, just send me the link to your post. 
[note: This only works if your profile is public]
>>>Prizes:  $100 Jennifer Kahn Jewelry gift certificate for use in my Etsy shop to my favorite photo, I really want to be able to see the jewelry as well as a good overall quality image.

and a $100 Jennifer Kahn Jewelry gift certificate for use in my Etsy shop to the photo that receives the most likes in the contest. Check the hashtag often and support your favorite photos!

Ready, set, GO!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Street Team?

It is exciting but hard work to get into new shops. For the past 6 months I've been simultaneously making jewelry and seeking out stores. I actually just received my second random Etsy Wholesale order from an adorable looking shop in Washington D.C. called Wake up Little Susie! That makes 12!
Last week I dropped off work at Magpie, in NYC (Upper West Side). Getting my work in there was the result of Montana (who works at Trinket) mentioning my work to the owner, when she was in NYC. Thanks Montana!
The more stores I get into the more jewelry I need to make... which means less time to seek out stores. Also, it's not always easy to "rep" oneself, especially when it's in other states that have never heard of my work. So this got me thinking... Would you like to see my jewelry in your city/town? Would you like FREE jewelry? Would you like to help a sista out? 

There's really nothing quite like positive word of mouth and if you enjoy my work and enjoy shopping and (when you're out and about) if you could just happen to wear my jewelry into your favorite boutique and talk up my work - perhaps give out my card or website, I would be so grateful. I would happily give anyone $50 jewelry credit if it resulted in getting into that shop. It really would only take a few minutes and it would mean so much to me! Or if you're so inclined to send an email out to your favorite shops, that would also be amazing. You could send them this link: http://www.jenniferkahnjewelry.com/stockists.html
Just be sure to tell the owner to pass on your name to me so I can give you the credit in my Etsy shop

So what kind of shops? Pretty much any boutique that sells Free People clothing is a good place to try. Or a place that sells handmade goods. I tend to shy away from stores that just carry jewelry - some of my biggest orders come from shoe stores and day spas so it's really more about the feeling, the vibe. As I say in my Etsy shop - I make jewelry for the modern bohemian: artists, yogis, professionals, mothers, teachers, servers, live music seekers, tea drinkers, organic food eaters and all those who appreciate comfort and style. If you want to pass my info on to your favorite spots, that would be awesome! And if it works out, you get the bonus of being able to shop locally, in your own town for my work!

Cities I'm looking to get into:
Portsmouth, NH
Portland, ME
Austin, TX
Asheville, NC
Denver, CO
Portland, OR
Tacoma, WA
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA

I'm not limited to that list, I'd be happy to be in touch with any shop that's a good fit for my style. Thanks for considering this! I would love to build up a rockin' street team!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Work Hard, Play Hard

This past couple weeks have been a wonderful blur of a bachelorette weekend, rehearsal dinner, 2 weddings, and a baby shower! Amongst it all I've been working on a BIG order for the Stowe Craft Gallery and an order for the Shoe Horn. Summer is flying by and things have been so busy that I'm looking forward to some simmering down in September. I'm also seeking out boutiques in NYC, Portsmouth, Rhode Island and Tacoma/Seattle for upcoming trips. 

For Stowe Craft Gallery  
For the Shoe Horn in Montpelier

Monday, August 4, 2014

Artist Profile: Anna Ayres

I now own this avocado painting and this makes me SO HAPPY! I love LOVE avocados and I love Anna Ayres, she is one of my favorite artists. I've had the print for about a year hanging in my kitchen and I'm thrilled to have the original.
I love the simplicity of it, the soft color, the ripeness of all of it, to me it's very reminiscent of Magritte - ceci n'est pas une avocado!
I've had the joy of being across from Anna for the past 5 years at the Artist Market. Saturday was her last day as she's moving to St Petersburg, FL to start a new and sunny chapter of life. You can read all about it on her BLOG. She's still in VT for the next couple of weeks and you can contact her about purchasing her pieces and prints directly HERE.
Her paintings are so bold and bright, exploding with color and vibrancy. This original is still available. You can view her other available originals HEREShe's also happy to take on commission work to work on once she's settled in her new place.
I can't get over the golden light.
How gorgeous is this triptych of Camel's Hump? 
Anna's so good at capturing quintessential Vermont moments but making them wholly new and her own. 
On her website she writes "Painting, as with any creative form, begins with an urge. In following this urge, we are offering our perspective of the greater collective. Within this perspective is a reminder to wake up to the boundless love and limitless magic that resonates through us and our world." She's just so sweet and so lovely and I will miss her but I'm so excited for her new adventures.