Monday, August 4, 2014

Artist Profile: Anna Ayres

I now own this avocado painting and this makes me SO HAPPY! I love LOVE avocados and I love Anna Ayres, she is one of my favorite artists. I've had the print for about a year hanging in my kitchen and I'm thrilled to have the original.
I love the simplicity of it, the soft color, the ripeness of all of it, to me it's very reminiscent of Magritte - ceci n'est pas une avocado!
I've had the joy of being across from Anna for the past 5 years at the Artist Market. Saturday was her last day as she's moving to St Petersburg, FL to start a new and sunny chapter of life. You can read all about it on her BLOG. She's still in VT for the next couple of weeks and you can contact her about purchasing her pieces and prints directly HERE.
Her paintings are so bold and bright, exploding with color and vibrancy. This original is still available. You can view her other available originals HEREShe's also happy to take on commission work to work on once she's settled in her new place.
I can't get over the golden light.
How gorgeous is this triptych of Camel's Hump? 
Anna's so good at capturing quintessential Vermont moments but making them wholly new and her own. 
On her website she writes "Painting, as with any creative form, begins with an urge. In following this urge, we are offering our perspective of the greater collective. Within this perspective is a reminder to wake up to the boundless love and limitless magic that resonates through us and our world." She's just so sweet and so lovely and I will miss her but I'm so excited for her new adventures.

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