Monday, April 11, 2011

Always the Bridesmaid's jewelry, Rarely the Bride's...Part 2

Here are some photos from Ava Bishop's fashion show. The dresses were outstanding, the event well attended and I had a blast seeing my jewelry on these exquisite model brides. Alas, most the photos taken were too far away to see the jewelry but here are a few of the ones that showed it well.
Amelia: Photo by David Seaver
Featuring Droplets Necklace and Tear drop with Pearl earrings
Brittany: Photo by David Seaver
Large Copper Crescent EarringsKerrin: Photo by David Seaver
Edgy Layered Necklace
Priscilla: Photo by Alison Redlich
Organic Shapes Necklace and EarringsAleisha: Photo by David Seaver
Feather and Leather (with added Lace) Earrings
Linda: Photo by David Seaver
Gold and Silver Leaf Necklace and Earrings
Priscilla: Photo by David Seaver
New Red Feather and Chain earrings
Photo by David Seaver

Thanks Ava! Thanks David and Alison and thank you lovely models!