Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crazy May!

Things have been crazy. Like, crazier than usual. So crazy that it's been 2 weeks since I last posted despite my efforts to try to make a blog post every week. So here's what's been going on... 
Love this shirt, spotted at the lake!
I started another blog! It's called Burlington Boho and I plan for it to be a collaboration with so many of the amazing women here. "Featuring our love of all things Bohemian in BTV: Fashion, food, live music, yoga, art, the green mountains surrounding us, the large lake beside us and all the cool stuff in between." Check it out on Tumblr, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. :) 

It's always hard getting back into the swing of Artist Market season, which started last Saturday. I was a busy worker bee leading up to it and managed to have a ton of work ready. It was a great first Market and so good to see everyone again! 
Brianne, happy in her new earrings and necklace!
I have a similar schedule to last year, averaging 2 markets a month but it's really more like this for the summer:
May 23
June 13
Every Saturday in July! 
No Saturdays in August (I'll be getting ready for, going to and recovering from NYNOW.)
It's all subject to change but I think that's how it will shake out.

I'm working on store orders, sent this one out to The Shoe Horn a couple of weeks ago and I'm working on 2 more...
I'm working on the Kickstarter rewards and that's a whole beast in itself but I love working on this collection. 

I'm preparing to move into my new studio, can't wait. There's so little space for me to even move around in my current home studio so it will be amazing to have more space! And, I'm planning my studio opening party! 

I've been making some new designs, like these Mixed Metal Circle and Feather earrings (5 pairs have sold this week!). After a bit of a lull, Etsy has been rockin' this month. 

So that's what's been keepin' me busy. Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring and enjoying all the sunshine, flowers and outdoor livin'. xo

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