Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pre-PMC Conference BronzClay class in Indiana

We've been preparing for Celie's "Almost Alchemy - Intro to BronzClay" class for so long and now its over!  What a great class it was, everyone was really excited about this amazing material. Celie started the class by ringing my little bowl with one of her bronze ball pendants. I started making bowls a few weeks back in an attempt to make singing bowls.  This was one of the first ones and I loved its natural edge too much to smooth it out but its still carries great sound when 'dinged'.  The patina on it is just from firing - beautiful.  Celie made these solid bronze balls and the patina on them was extraordinary, speckled and multi-colored.  They looked like little eggs so I took a photo of them in my nest-like bowl.
Ah, life on the road.  Attempting to eat cereal in the hotel room.  I had a spoon but no bowl and the coffee mugs were tiny - hence 'breakfast of champions' a la coffee carafe.
More soon... 

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Katie Italia said...

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