Monday, November 15, 2010

Commemorative NYE, NYC, MSG Token

Ever since I attended my first Phish show, I was taken with the community, the art and most of all, the music. As a maker of little things, I love the merit badge concept and it inspired me to create a token. Since I work in metal and I'm excited for the New Years Run in NYC, a token, reminiscent of subway tokens, was an appealing idea. It's made of pure silver and is the size of a quarter. Each one is hand made by me. A great gift for your favorite Phish head! It comes in an archival coin display holder for $25, HERE
It's also available as a pendant HERE and comes on black waxed cotton cord (16" or 18") with sterling ends and a sterling lobster clasp. Or on a sterling chain for $45 - just check my shop.
In addition to the commemorative fish and apple, and "NYE, NYC, MSG", all three show dates are inscribed among the lines on the edge. A limited edition of only 100 tokens will be made to order. Definitely a collector’s item, and maybe the start of a new token series?

I'm donating a portion of every sale to the Mockingbird Foundation because as important art is to me, I couldn't live without the music and I want that to be true for future generations.

Check it out, the token is featured on!

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Zenster said...

Hi Jennifer!
I make all kinds of cool Phish memorabilia , would you like to trade?
Id LOVE one of your MSG tokens!

786 718 5897