Sunday, September 11, 2011

Repairing Vermont Pendant - Raising money for the VT Irene Flood Relief Fund.

On Aug 28th, our small state got pummeled by hurricane Irene. The devastation that it caused is overwhelming. The only comfort in the wake of the storm is how the Vermont community has come together. Everyone is helping out. I wanted to create a piece that I could sell to generate some money for the relief effort. I didn't want to just create a generic design though, I yearned to make something meaningful. Then it came to me, my signature "patch" design would work so well here. Vermont has been broken, torn up but it's being patched together, healed. The beauty is in the binding.

(Front of Pendant)
100% of the profits after the cost of producing these pendants will be donated to the VT Irene Flood Relief Fund.

(Back of Pendant)
Each one has my JK signature on the back. This symbol is not only my initials, it's the Chinese symbol for "Forever" (which works really well in this case "Love Vermont Forever").

Sterling Silver

or Brass
1" in length.
This pendant is Unisex, everyone can wear it.

Black waxed cotton cord with sterling terminations and clasp.
I use Priority mail. If they're shipped to VT it will only take 1 day. If you order more than 1, the shipping will still be $5.00.

Sold out! Thanks to all who purchased pendants, we raised $3100 for the Vermont Irene Relief Fund!


Evelyn said...

What elegant pendants you have made to help Vermont recover from the flood caused by Irene. I just reposted a link to your blog on my facebook page.

Jenkahnjewelry said...

Thanks so much Evelyn for your sweet comment and for reposting!

efenz said...

What a wonderful idea. I'll get my order in soon.

Donna Penoyer said...

Yay, Jen! Thanks so much for doing this.

Dee said...

Thank You Jennifer for a beautiful x-mas gift idea. I will post this on my FB wall for all to see.

A said...

Thank you for helping to move the relief process along here in Vermont. Much appreciated. -tk

Jenkahnjewelry said...

Thanks for all your kind words!

currly said...

This is one of the best contributions I've seen and had the opportunity to be a part of! Thank you for this hard work to support flood survivors. I'm looking forward to wearing the pendant and telling everyone about it!

Jewelry repairing said...

Realy nice idea. Thank you.

Jenkahnjewelry said...

Thanks so much for all of your lovely feedback.

Alistar Johnson said...

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