Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom's Present

Today is my mom's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! She has a lot of jewelry from me. A lot. Definitely the biggest collection and it spans more than a decade of designs. Which makes sense, she
is my mom and she has helped me to become the jewelry artist I am today. You can thank my mom for the smaller size of every pair of earrings I make. They happen because she likes the pair I wear and says "I want those... but smaller". Years ago she asked me to make her a silver watch. I bought the only sterling watch face I could find on Ebay. A lovely Ecclissi (which I knew about from Celie). I also purchased a box clasp and I made the rest out of PMC+. It is covered in ancient scripts and the inside texture is all music notes.

It came out great (bad picture though) and she wears it often. Since she has nearly one of everything of mine and the watch, it's hard to come up with new gift ideas for her.
She always enjoys getting my newest creations but tailored to her style. So for one of her gifts, I thought of my new Wrapture line but knew she wouldn't be interested in a boot wrap or arm wrap - a little too Bohemian. I wracked my brain trying to come up with something she'd use often and carry with her in her bag that I could make and "Wrapturize". Then it hit me... a glasses case.

So I made a leather and silk and fabric case for her eye glasses. Luckily it just works out that an eye glass case is just about the same size as a bracelet! So I made the bracelet the decoration on the case. It can attach and detach easily.

The bracelet has gold, silver and garnet sewn to it with fuschia thread.

Both sides are decorated the same so when the bracelet is detached, the case is still pretty. It doesn't seem lacking but when the bracelet is attached it's extra special. I love making things transform! She loves the 2-in-1 and she just told me she needed a new case so it worked out perfectly.

I liked it so much I just had to share it.
More Wrapture coming soon.


Roberta said...

You are so creative! I am glad I found you. I found you in a jewelry book...........

Jenkahnjewelry said...

Thanks so much Roberta!