Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It's easy to never leave the house in winter, or at least not leave often. Working from home, days can blur together into a sea of chain and beads and earring parts and bits of wire. Not being a fan of the cold and this being an especially long (LOOOONG) winter, I was happy to get out and about a bit this past week.
Yesterday I had the fun of modeling a few things for Nicole's Threads. Like this dress, which I completely must have. I just pre-ordered one and you can too HERE. There are 4 rad colors to choose from. Note: Yay I'm not quite as pale as the wall! Also I'm wearing my Kyanite Necklace.
A few days ago, I posted these earrings on Facebook and within 2 days 7 pairs had sold! These were inspired by Rachel Cloutier (owner of Sweet Lady Jane and Trinket). They are hammered and oxidized brass with sterling and brass chain. They are super long, very swingy and shimmery, light and free, still edgy and mysterious...and very rock and roll. Find them in my Etsy Shop
or at Trinket.
Last week I did a little trip South. You can now find my work at the Shoe Horn in Montpelier! Not only do they have a wonderful shoe selection, they have a large variety of clothing that's both fashionable and comfortable. I put together this custom display for them, it really shows off the earrings well. Here Marin is receiving the first batch!
I also stopped by the Stoweflake Spa. Elements, the Spa boutique carries the best products and features many Vermont made lines such as: Lunaroma, Way Out Wax and VT Artisan Tea Co. In May they will be carrying my wholesale line! When I first saw this great shop I thought my Chakra wraps would fit in perfectly and I'm so excited to work with the lovely staff.
Mel and Juliana from the Stoweflake spa modeling their new earrings!
If you haven't seen me posting about the contest I'm currently in (which is probably not possible cause I've been shoutin' it from the rooftops!) You can read about it HERE. And if you've been voting for me, THANK YOU!!! So much! You can keep voting once a day until April 4th. 

Not much else to report, just trying to make it through the Arctic tundra that is VT and longing for spring. The lake is still frozen and my bones are a bit creaky but I am gettin' a lot of work done...

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Kathleen said...

this is all so lovely so glad you are getting that dress it is awesome!!! the Rachel earrings are so beautiful/elegant9223352...love your new store placement...as to spring...if crocuses plan on peeking through the snow they best bring ice axes with them love you and your work...