Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Bday to me!

What a great bday! On just every level! So special to have a Friday Bday and a sunny one after a week of rain and gray. Flower delivery from my mom - my favorite flowers.

Celie came to town in the morning with lil Kiwi and we went shopping and had a great brunch at Pennycluse. More shopping and ice cream at Ben and Jerry's with Brando.

A day of super lovely and thoughtful gifts, fabulous cards, calls and texts and so many sweet posts on facebook. And a quick email check to see I just received an order from my first NYC shop - Magpie. Yes!
Then a dress change...

Been saving this for awhile, got it on sale through Free People in February.
Some of my great gals, wish we got more pics!
Dinner at the Skinny Pancake with music by Tall Grass Get Down. Synchronisitic flow of friends casually coming by for dinner and dancing, enjoying meaningful moments with everyone. The most decadent piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce, just happened to have my favorite for the special. Looking around and realizing we knew at least 15 faces smiling around us and feelin' the love! A blend of Burlington and Johnson friends all so stoked to be out and about and dancing to this Johnson band after such a long winter.
Then the longest Bday song ever! I shimmied around in my flowy dress to a mix of Happy Bday/When the Saints Go Marching In/something else and back to bday again and again! Really able to live in that long moment and feel grateful for everything.
Only to bump into a stranger and have her tell me that she knew who I was and that she was a huge fan and so excited to meet me and I told her how amazing that was to hear at that moment and that it was my bday and she told me she just had hers too (Hi Berkely!). The night ended with the morning...
What I wore: Left earrings and necklace by day, right earrings and necklace by night...ring all the time.

I've had a quiet, mellow weekend to recover and process it all. Just a wonderful day that I will carry with me and let fuel me and my jewelry as I sit down to work.

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MiandO said...

SWEET!!! What a wonderful and beautiful kick-off to your next year earth-side! :)