Friday, May 23, 2008

Bronze Clay!

I had such a blast working with Bronze Clay this past winter! I eagerly watched over Celie's shoulder as she worked with Bronze Clay but it hadn't occurred to me to ask to try some. I was busy setting things in PMC. I was searching high and low for interesting things to set (unusual stones, coin, shells, beads). I got frustrated and wished I could find (or make) some kind of tribal artifact. Then a bell went off and I asked Celie if I could try the Bronze Clay.  She generously gave me a whole package!
Making my PMC settings is very precise and
working with the Bronze Clay was very freeing. The pieces I made were very primitive but I loved the outcome. I think the combination with the PMC setting results in this "modern relic" style and its a direction I'm very excited about pursuing.  I'm so thankful to Bill Struve for inventing this wonderful material.  I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with it. 

 I feel even luckier to have 3 images of my work (the two rings featured here and the other side of the pendant shown left) in an article in the June issue of Art Jewelry magazine titled "Now Entering the Bronze Age".   Its such a great article and it begins with a giant and amazing photo of Celie's spectacular carved bronze snake chain.  

I've wanted to make myself a cuff bracelet similar
to my patched rings forever but the cost of PMC prevented me from ever doing so.  I finally got to make one using the Bronze Clay and I just love it!  I've also started making several pairs of Bronze earrings to sell at the Artist Market (which I will soon post in my Etsy shop). 

Celie will be teaching Bronze Clay classes in the fall, check out her website for more info.

A new Bronze Age is here!

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