Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm probably one of a handful of people (of my generation) who doesn't have an ipod - not even a nano... or a shuffle.  I never wanted one.  The idea of listening to the same songs again and again doesn't do it for me.   Songs get so easily stuck in my head and spin -"right round baby right round, like a record baby..." (d'oh, now that will be in my head all day!). It's madness and it can keep me from falling asleep.  Sometimes I wake up with the same song I fell asleep with, on repeat in my mind, right where I left off.  Does this happen to other people? 

For years I was doing just fine listening to a local, commercial free radio station that played international music. One day, the station vanished and in its place - just static. 

I don't drive too often but when I do its for long rides, rides where I get so tired I worry about nodding out - BAD!  I kept buying comedy CDs on Itunes which would keep me awake but, like the songs, I could get whole routines stuck in my head if I listened to them a few times. Plus, at $9.99 each, they really added up.  

The solution: XM Radio!  I LOVE the idea of a constant, fresh, stream of music and comedy.  It is literally refreshing.  I tried it out for the first time today and it was great, it may not be life changing but it improves the ride.  

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Anonymous said...

ha ha! i love the title of this blog!
i'm glad you like your xm radio! i will call you soon.. mwahhh