Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life is just what happens in between Bead and Button Shows...

This is my 7th year assisting Celie with her classes at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI.  What an intense way to spend 9 days!  We spend 11 months and 2 weeks of every year either recovering from or getting ready for this show.  We teach 5 classes which have up to 25 students in each class so a lot of preparation is involved (ordering, packaging student's work kits, packing supplies, writing handouts...).
As I entered the revolving door of the hotel, I had the sense of the cumulative years of entering through that door revolving as well.  How fast the time goes!  The hotel is connected to the convention center via an enclosed 'skywalk' which means days can go by without breathing an atom of fresh air.  Yikes.  This year we're making a concerted effort to take 'air' breaks every now and again!  
We have come to really enjoy Milwaukee.  There are great restaurants and shops, the people are very kind and over the years we've found all of the places to get all of the things we need when we're here.  We usually have a free afternoon during our stay and spend it in the "Historic Third Ward" which is a kind of pedestrian marketplace with fabulous shops and boutiques and lovely cafés.  Its always hard not to spend the money I've saved (for buying beads at the show). Which is to say that I did, in fact, drop some dough at the new Anthropologie store.  Oops.

So far the classes are running smoothly.  My job is to do everything I can do (readying the students spots with kits/handouts/supplies; loading/unloading kilns, setting up supply tables, displaying Celie's jewelry and being 'on call' for anything she might need -including coffee) so that she can concentrate on teaching and working with students.  We've got our routine so down that we barely need to communicate when setting up/cleaning up for a class and we're getting faster and more efficient.  Phew!

I brought so many pieces and projects to work on and I'm actually getting more work done here than I get done at home!  I've been keeping a list of things I have to buy at the show which starts on Thursday - my 'kid in a candy shop' day, can't wait!  

Guess I should get back to work.  I'll write more about the show later in the week.  It's been wonderful seeing so many familiar faces here and many people have told me they've read my article and they've been reading my blog which is great to hear because I have no idea if anyone is reading this.  I was told that several folks tried to leave comments and couldn't so I just changed my settings and now anyone can post one (I had it on the wrong setting).  I'd love some comments!  Be well! 
Oh yeah, so these pictures have nothing to do with this entry but what is a blog without photos so I thought I'd showcase one of my new designs; my "Rags and Riches" necklace/bracelet.  I love to make things reversible, why not transformable? Each necklace, made up of coordinated strands of silk, chain and beads becomes a bold bracelet when wrapped around the wrist 3 times.  I've sold all 3 pictured here but I'm making more now!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!

And love the transformable jewelry.

Linda at BeadStyle, Bead&Button, and Art Jewelry magazines said...


It was great to see you at the Bead & Button show this year! Based on your blog post, I imagine you're already thinking about the 2009 Bead&Button Show. The dates are May 31 through June 7; the show floor will be open June 5-7. Online class registration opens January 13. Here's hoping we can provide you a less stormy visit next time.

I know we feel the same way around here. Life and magazines are what happen between Bead&Button Shows.

Warmest regards,
Linda Augsburg