Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a weekend

I spent much of last week making the bridal jewelry for my good friend May.  I've made bridesmaid's jewelry for other weddings but never jewelry for the bride.  So it was an honor, as well as a bit of pressure!  I made her these necklaces and matching, single leaf earrings.  I made her mom, sis and lovely bridesmaid Kina matching single leaf necklaces. My good friend JP (JP Candelier) was her wedding photographer and we went to her beautiful home, before the ceremony.  I got to place the jewelry on her once she was in her dress, as JP documented:
May lives an hour and a half South of me and for that reason, we always meet half way when we get together.  This was my first time visiting her at this house and now that I've been there I know it's worth the drive and I'll be visiting again.  The scene couldn't have been more picturesque and it couldn't have better captured Vermont at its fall finest.  It was a sunny, blue sky day and the temperature was just right, warm with a slight breeze.  The trees were at their peak, the rolling fields still lush and green.  

May and Justin live on a farm and there were chickens and cows and lovely old buildings and a pond and the house had a great long porch.  Just breathtaking.  The actual ceremony went by in a flash and then it was back to the farm for the party under a huge tent.  It was fun spending time with many of the friends I used to work with.  The food was delicious, there was a fab bluegrass band and everyone was full of smiles, including the blushing bride.  I have an amazing photo of her that will be in my upcoming catalog. 
It was one of those rare days that I took a deep breath and soaked it all in.  Time slowed down a bit and I could feel all this positive energy renewing my spirit.  

By late afternoon, as the party was wrapping up, I had the bright idea of calling my friend Lauren in MA, since I was half way to her home and have been meaning to visit her.  As luck would have it she was all for it and my wonderful weekend continued.  We had dinner in Northampton, MA, a town that I've got to go back to, it felt very similar to my favorite place - Burlington, VT.  The next day we met up with JP and his girlfriend Meghan in Brattleboro, VT (another favorite town of mine) for brunch and a photo session of Lauren and Meghan for my catalog.  I spent he rest of the afternoon wandering around the town, then leisurely driving home.  It felt like I'd been gone a week!  Now I've got a bit of catching up to do...

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