Saturday, October 16, 2010


This past Thursday, Rachel had a fashion event at Sweet Lady Jane featuring Covet (a fabulous eco-friendly clothing line) and my jewelry. My work showed really well on Covet's flowing fabrics of solid color. You can see Brett Lupfer's amazing photos HERE. These four close-ups of Kate wearing my big earrings look like they're out of a magazine!

In other news: I was mentioned on Vermont Edition on VPR by a kind and lovely customer on Wednesday. They had Martha Fitch, Executive Director of the Vermont Crafts Council and Anne Majusiak, curator for the State Of Craft Exhibit at the Bennington Museum on to talk about the craft movement in VT. You can hear the whole show HERE or just the snippet HERE.

Also, I've been running a local (to Burlington, VT) promotion: "Get caught!!!" After noticing a lot of lovely ladies sportin' my wares around town, I was inspired to reward this patronage with a discount towards jewelry purchased during the month of October. I've assembled a street team and they're on the lookout. Get "caught" in
Jennifer Kahn Jewelry and get 20% off your next piece (redeemable at the Burlington Artist's Market or online in my Etsy Shop).


Don said...

The photos are top notch. What a buzz it is to see your art on others! Always makes me smile. I meet someone wearing one of my t-shirts- "Hey, that's my T!". "No" they said. "It's MINE!."

DalaHorse said...

Jen....super news flashes! Keep soaring! Love my earrings from you...the small BoHo's! Sue♥