Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catching Up...

I would like to start writing this blog again but it' been so long that I don't feel like I can just start writing without taking a moment to briefly write out some of the things that took up my time since, oh, last February...

I created a new line of jewelry: Chakra Kahn It has been very popular and has expanded to include bracelets, silk wrap bracelets/anklets and earrings. In May I was a vendor at the Burlington Yoga Conference, where I debued this line. It was well received by the yoga community and now I'm thinking about vending at Wanderlust in Stratton, VT.

I made a book... a Blurb book. It is 98 pages and includes photos of all of my work and all of my publications...everything about my jewelry in one pretty place. I had several copies made and use them for promotion. Doing the layout took forever! I spent several weeks gathering the images and putting everything in order. Also, it wasn't cheap (since it was so many pages and hardcover). I do recommend this though, it's a really good way to showcase your work.

I set up several studio spaces...
At home, upstairs...this is where I roll out PMC, cut out metal and put things together.

In the basement I hammer, drill, use the torch and fire in the kiln.

Then I have a studio called Ancient Arts Studio that I share with Rebecca Freedner of Heartfire Henna in the South end of Burlington where I do some finishing work and meet up with customers to show them my jewelry. I participated in the Art Hop in September and I'm excited to participate in the Holiday Hop on Dec 14th and 15th!
I started a new blog called Kahnvert. It features many of my stylish customers and Vermont Designers. That lead to me writing an article on fashion for Thread Magazine. I really enjoy exercising my writing muscle!

With Brando's help we made a new booth for my jewelry. I will blog about this separately when I have a chance this winter cause there's a lot to say about this wonderful new set up. The greatest thing about it is that the displays can all hang on the wall in my Burlington studio, it's like a booth transformer!

I was honored to win...2(!) Daysies. from Seven Days annual guide to reader's favorites from around the state. One for Best Local Jewelry Designer and one for Best Craftsperson!

I made a lot of jewelry for Trinket and enjoyed another great season at the Burlington Artist Market. I've been doing trunk shows at friend's/customer's homes, I really love doing these! I recently reached 500 sales in my Etsy shop!

Okay, that's most of the things that have happened and now I can begin writing here again! Seeing it all written out here is making me feel really good about the direction my jewelry is going in, it's hard work but satisfying work and I look forward to blogging more about it all! Thanks for reading!

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Brian Goblik said...

Hi Jen, Thanks for sharing through your Blog!~
I have some Q's about PMC , do you do consultations?
-making pins for the Vermont Sail Freight Crew~ ~Brian Goblik