Monday, November 12, 2012

Some new work

I have a few new designs that I thought I'd share here. All of these pieces can be found in my Etsy shop.
The first is my new Vermont Pendant. This sterling silver pendant features a kind of patchwork pattern which delineates the 14 counties. The VT letters are made up of my signature "patch" design. I love the organic nature of the texture combined with the industrial look of the letters. It is $45 and a portion of the proceeds will go toward the Vermont Foodbank.
Also available in brass for $25.
I recently picked up some tiny glass bottles at a vintage market. I knew I wanted to make necklaces with them but wasn't certain how I should fill them. Well what's better than a message in a bottle? To make the scroll, I roughed up and tea soaked some archival paper and burned all the edges. I can write a small phrase on it or you can write your message yourself (making it extra special with your own handwriting). Write the message on the inside of the scroll to keep it private or on the outside so bits of the writing show through and visually add to the piece. I included 2 tiny Herkimer diamonds. I wired the bottle with brass and it hangs from natural brass chain.
This very sleek, sexy and modern pendant looks elegant dressed up or edgy with a tee and jeans. I wrapped a water clear Herkimer Diamond in sterling silver and it hangs from a oxidized sterling chain. It's very eye catching!
Brass wishbone with mala beads on black waxed cotton cord. Very tribal and edgy. A great layering piece.
Sterling silver wishbone on oxidized sterling chain.
Love this vintage lace, it has such an antique look and feel, my favorite new cuff!

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elmeharg said...

That cuff is right up my alley! Love it...and love Herkimers... AND I love little bottles ;)