Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Updating All the Things!

It's not easy to start bloggin' again after not bloggin' for a while... I am excited to start again and I figure the best way to begin is by just jumpin' back in.  From now on I'm going to shoot for at least one post a week. Topics will range from shopping local, other local artists and designers as well as those I love on Etsy. I'll post about my process and what I'm currently working on in my studio. I'll share my inspiration and ideas. I will also be creating a gift guide. I hope to start having guest bloggers too.

Right now I'm psyched about re-vamping things. I have a new font (yes I'm excited about a font!) and new packaging and I've updated/streamlined my Etsy shop, website...and now my blog!
I'm working 'round the clock to fulfill Etsy orders, keep Trinket stocked and get ready for my upcoming shows:


I'm working on new designs, like my Ladder Necklace which has been selling like mad!

Also new: Sign up for my Mailing List to be notified of upcoming shows and events and for exclusive offers.

That's all for now but there will be so much more soon...stay tuned. xo

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