Friday, January 31, 2014


Realizing I hadn't been outside of Burlington for almost a month I was really looking forward to a day trip that Nicole and I have been planning for a while now. Yesterday we did a little tour of VT, down route 7. It was super sunny and a balmy 25ยบ, a good day to be out and about. We were kinda scoping out potential places to sell our wares but mostly just happy to be out enjoying the countryside, yummy food and cute shops.
Our first stop was Common Deer in Shelburne. They opened at the end of last year. This place had a great rustic feel. Lots of lovely wooden antiques mixed with home decor and gifts. I'm very tempted to go back for a beautiful old wood blanket box.
Then we ventured on to Bristol. This was my first time to this cute little village. It reminded me of an old Western town.

Birds and deer.
The pulsing heart of Bristol seems to be the vibrant Emeralrose Gifts. Totally my kind of shop, full of exotic treasures, tribal jewelry and global gifts. The owner, Jen, is such a delight and we got to hear about her exciting travel plans. She started carrying some of my work last November and I'm hoping to get more over there in the spring.

Fun to see my Chakra wraps as soon as we walked in. We also stopped by the Bristol Bakery, what a sweet little place.
Next stop was Middlebury. Hadn't been there for years and years. The waterfalls made some beautiful ice patterns.

Love how the ice resembles the dilapidated building. We had  lunch at the Two Brother's Tavern and walked around the town. We checked out a really cute shop called Clementine, full of baby items, kitchen goods and cards.

Nicole's been doing a lot of birding out in Addison so we made our way over there to see if we could spot a Snowy Owl. After looking through the fields and trees we finally found this one perched far away on an owl house (made for a different kind of owl but she didn't seem to care). I was so excited to get some great shots with my new camera, amazing how far away we were but I was able to zoom in and see this beautiful creature.

We timed it well because we were also able to get some great sunset photos and I love me some sunset photos.

We headed to Vergennes to warm up with some hot cocoa and treats at Vergennes Laundry and then visited Rebecca at Heartfire Henna. What a fun day! It all worked out so well and I still can't believe I got to see the magical Snowy Owl. Feeling inspired by all of the beauty.


Graciela Testa Lynt said...

What fun! Love the pic of the snowy owl. There have been some sightings down here in Virginia but we haven't been lucky enough to see any.

Jenkahnjewelry said...

Thanks Graciela! I feel very luck to have seen the snowy owl, really capped off our wonderful day! I hope you get to see one!