Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Designs!

Somehow I've eeked out some time for some new designs. All very simple, very modern and very comfortable. I will have all of these at the Artist Market which starts this Saturday!
Lots of new hammered cuff rings in sterling silver or brass with sterling on the inside (so they don't turn your finger green!) Some are plain and some have brass or sterling rivets. I've been wearing mine daily and it's my current favorite piece to wear. It just feels great, smooth and light but eye catching!

For years I've had requests for brass hoops. I've avoided them because the sterling earwire gets a lot of play and brass is so hard and rough that the friction of moving it through the hole in the brass would cause little cuts in the sterling wire. I've thought of adding sterling tube rivets to to the holes to prevent that but never pursued it. Last week, Celie encouraged me to try it and it was easier than I thought and so much fun (I love riveting!) So now I'm happy to have brass hoops in Medium and Small.
New sterling ear cuffs! It's just a tiny ring... for your ear. I'll be making some in brass (with sterling on the inside) too. Find them HERE.

I've been making a sterling version of this One Rung necklace for awhile and it's been very popular. I had a request to make them in brass which look edgy and ancient and has the added benefit of costing only $45. Find it HERE.
My friend (Hi Meg!) requested one in gold and silver and the contrast of the shiny gold and the blackened sterling chain just looks stunning. See it HERE.
This simple necklace resembles a horse shoe and serves as a ring holder. I had a request from a massage therapist (thanks Leane!). She wanted a necklace that she could hang her wedding ring from so she could have her hands free. 
As many pointed out, it's also a great necklace for pregnant mama's-to-be so they can still wear their rings if they don't fit. Find it HERE. I will make them in brass and in gold too.
 I love how it pairs with the new Gold rung necklace.

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