Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shadow Earrings

I love BIG earrings and I love the combination of BIG hoops or crescents with Shadow earrings. I came up with this term because I was trying to find a better way to say "earrings for your additional holes". I think Shadow earrings elegantly describe what these are, an earring that's secondary, or in the shadows of the primary earring. They're smaller, more delicate. A dainty detail that's still rustic and edgy.
I like the idea of them as singles or as pairs made up of singles that don't have to match. It's been so liberating working on these small and simple singles. 
These will be $25 each, I'm happy to have a variety of little pieces at this price point. So far I have them in kyanite, turquoise, quartz, apatite and brass; all with oxidized sterling. 
I love that when I take my main earrings out, I still have a little ear decor and when I have my main, BIG earrings in, it's an Earring Party! I will be at the Artist Market this Saturday with these and I just added some to my Etsy shop HERE. What do you think?

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