Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Crazy Busy June!

There was a minute there, during the last week of May when I had nothing on the docket. No new shops, no current shops re-ordering, all caught up on Etsy orders and fully stocked for the Artist Market. In those moments, it's easy to let panic or uncertainty in...especially when making a change or transitioning from one way of doing things to another. But everything can change in a day... at the end of last month, I had my first Etsy Wholesale order, the next day a super great Artist Market and a re-order from the Shoe Horn. Then it's easy to let the panic swing the other way and feel completely overwhelmed! But I can schedule things out and do what needs doing first, first. 

T. Karn Imports in Telluride, CO just happened to find me while scrolling through jewelry on Etsy Wholesale. Owner Tesha Karn ordered a collection of silver and brass pieces that go so well together. Her store incorporates unique items for the home and body - apparel, accessories, beauty products, textiles and decor from around the world. My jaw dropped when I saw photos of her shop, such gorgeous wooden treasures, old doors, pieces from India, Tibet, just my style. 

As far as I can see though, they don't have much jewelry and I'm just so honored that they're choosing my work. I did tear up a bit at the thought of it...that if a place like that, carrying world craft and ethnic arts wants my work... that I've achieved my aesthetic. I'm working on their order right now.

In the midst of everything, I was invited to be a vendor at the summer party. It was last Friday and it was amazing. Such great music, food and drinks and Ben and Jerry's! They really know how to throw an epic bash, complete with psychic readings, stilt walkers, an arcade, and carnival-like games. The highlight was selling a gold bar necklace to Alisa Xayalith from Naked and Famous. I didn't know who she was (but she was gorgeous and had mad style) until I saw her on stage and then I started freaking out. She even came back to buy more and so did her band mate and I got to get this pic. Eek!

Yesterday was a big day for me for 2 reasons... I did a count down sale and after having 7, I finally hit my 1000th Etsy Sale!!! 

And I received a HUGE order from the Stoweflake Spa. 

So if I wasn't feeling overwhelmed already now I'm kind of beside myself. But again, I'm scheduling things out and doing my best to breathe and hold on. It's all happening and I'm so grateful.

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Way to go!! It's all good!