Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cleaning, Shopping, Organizing...

As I transitioned from the end of Artist Market season to the beginning of crazy holiday season, I took a moment to super clean my studio. With cleaning came the reward of making space for new (vintage) organizing drawers. I'm always looking for these things and was so shocked to find not one but TWO affordable, old, metal drawer cabinets at 2 different vintage shops within a week. It helps to keep careful watch of their Facebook pages because I happened to see their photos right away and made sure I got to their shops asap. The first one was at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace
I love this shop and check it out often. A great activity before heading over to Oakledge. They even host outdoor flea markets once a month from May-Oct. The lovely owner, Mary, posted a photo of an Oak display case but I zoomed in on the metal watchmaker's drawers... 
I inquired how much in a comment on the photo and she got back to me right away, so I ran down there before they closed and snatched up this beauty. It even had tiny watch parts strewn throughout.
 Then I bought a bunch of these beading trays that happen to fit perfectly, 2 to a drawer so I can easily move things around. Now instead of having random trays all over my room, taking up valuable surface space, all of my wholesale orders are easily contained in here, under my table, but super organized. Ahh. Seriously, this is a game changer.
Not even a week later, I happen to see Barge Canal Market post the above photo. They sold the table, stools and crates right away and I asked how much the thing on the right was and they got back to me quickly. I was there the next morning to nab it, hadn't even been in the shop 24 hours! So social marketing seems to be working for these places! 
Barge Canal is in the heart of the South End and it's a fantastic place to roam around after eating at Myer's bagels. They set up great little vignettes with their inventory and treasures abound. 
Here's the metal drawer tower tucked into the corner of my studio, among friends. It fit in the only space I could've possibly fit something. It has 15 drawers and I've filled them with postcards/business cards, catalogs, and most of my fabric, lace and leather scraps.
Clean workspace! I'm determined to make this last!
 As clean as this area gets... but it's organized! 
Everything in it's place!

Look at all that surface space! (This photo was taken before the new metal tower addition. Now all of those boxes in the corner are gone and their contents are in the drawers.)
 I also dropped some work off at Trinket.
Here's my earrings at Earth and Wears in Dallas, PA.
So now I'm super happy to be working away in my clean space. I highly recommend taking a moment to regroup before the madness! 

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