Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I won the Seven Daysies for Best Craftsperson!!!

Woohoo! I'm so honored and excited! It really means so much to me. You can read about it HERE.  I was even inspired to make a "Seven Daysies" ring to wear to the event - gotta represent yo!
The best part - it spins!

The petals are silk and leather. They are riveted in place with sterling wire between 2 disks of copper.  The whole thing is riveted to a sterling band. Engineering this was a lot of fun - thanks to Celie for all of her help!

Thank you to anyone/everyone that voted!  I really appreciate it. 


Sweet Lady Jane said...

Congratulations Jen- you're work is amazing and we are so proud that you won! You are the best craftsperson!

The Trend Spot said...

I love your work. Are you going to make any spinning daisy rings, or inspiration pieces from the design for your Etsy shop? The ring is WAAAAAAY cool!