Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sneak Peak...Wholesale Catalog

Suddenly realized I had to make my wholesale catalog right away and I've gathered up some wonderful local friends and customers to help a sister out. Can't believe how well the photo shoots have gone. I've been meeting these lovely ladies at coffee shops, eateries, their shops, their studios, their restaurants. They've met up with me on their way to the gym, on their way back from yoga, in the middle of painting, sewing, construction, in between sales at their shops. It's been crazy and amazing how quickly and seamlessly thing have been coming together. 
Here's a sneak peak of one of the pages. I just love the authenticity of all of it...real women, real friends who really wear my work in real places and aside from taking the time to do the photo we get to actually enjoy lunch, or tea, or a quick visit. It's such a nice way to see people during what can be a very cold/dark and isolating time of year. Most of the ladies, if not wearing their own pieces are wearing pieces very similar to what they already own of mine. I'm loving my new camera too, feeling very professional. Each day after shooting I work on the layout of the pages, add the close up jewelry photos and text. Can't wait to share it...for now here's what I think I'm going to use for the cover...what do you think?


Sara said...

Love the blue background of the cover. to be honest I'd move the "jennifer kahn jewelry" rectangle down a tad, but you're the artist!

Mary Newton Designs said...

Love it! Your jewelry is lovely and I'm crazy about the weathered turquoise wood! I have a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like this and it's great for backgrounds.