Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Week Was Totally Insane!

This was going to be 2 blog posts but there's no time for that! So here is the week through photos and quick captions...
Got to see Rising Appalachia - twice! First night was a sultry get down and the 2nd was a more intimate, soulful sway. Both shows were super inspirational and because of the magic of Facebook, Chloe Smith stayed with us! Super fun to adorn her in my jewelry.
Last week I also discovered Flash Tattoos! I'm addicted to them! What a fun trend, temporary tats in gold and silver. I adorned Chloe's forehead with one, I brought them to a bday party, the Rising Appalachia shows, my Trunk Show, a bbq... So much fun to share the sparkle wherever I go.

I love how they mix with my jewelry and that even with no jewelry on you still have some flashy body decor. 
Last week I sent out a huge order to the Stoweflake Spa. I managed to get it all together with the help of Fiona and my new intern Molly. Thanks ladies! So amazing to have some help with things.

I ended the week by traveling south with my dear friend Chawna. We stopped at Celie's to visit her and Kiwi quickly. She had a home class going on but managed to take her lunch break with us. So good to see them but it wasn't long enough! Then we headed off to Brattleboro to visit my work at Gallery in the Woods. First we enjoyed the best sandwiches ever at Amy's Bakery Arts Cafe. I used to visit Gallery in the Woods anytime I was in Brattleboro. They have such a great selection of really cool work from very talented artists and I'm so honored to have my work among them. 
It was fun to spy some of my pieces in the center of the window. 
And in a jewelry display inside. Also happy to meet one of the owners, Dante.
Upstairs in the gallery we were shocked by these shocked masks, made by Chris London.
We wished we could spend more time there and around the town but hopped back in and drove to Northampton, MA for a trunk show at Ode. This store is SO GORGEOUS, everything from the floors to the fixtures to the selection of clothes, bags and shoes to the lovely ladies working there. It was art walk night and they had a fab spread of foods and wines. So much fun to spend time there, just look at this display!
I love how my work looked among their offerings, everything rustic and earthy.

This is the selection of work they chose after the trunk show for the shop. 
The beautiful Chawna sporting her new JK earrings and Flash tattoo! 

We got home around 1:00 am and for the 2nd time this summer I got to sleep late on a Saturday. This is me (in my new hat from Ode!) not at the Artist Market. I still went though for breakfast and to enjoy it as a buyer and browser. Phew, what a week! 


Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe said...

Amazing, you are my hero! So inspiring to follow your progress, looking forward to my first pair of earrings arriving from you, woohoo!

Sue McNenly said... don't really know me, but it's been so great following your progress as you grow your business. It's really inspiring to see each new account you get, and new show you participate in. I'm rooting for you!

Sue McNenly

Jenkahnjewelry said...

Thanks so much Brandy and Sue! Means so much to me, I really appreciate your comments and support!