Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Playing with Displaying

It's always important to freshen things up... I just got a new banner that I love. I thought -Why not have big images so folks can see my work from a distance and find me easily? I've also realized that I can pivot my framed earring displays out which opens up my booth and looks so much better, sometimes it's those little things that can make such a difference.
T. Karn Imports is using a lovely wood frame to display the earrings I just sent them. Tesha chose such a great combination of pieces. 
She's displaying these necklaces on some rustic dark wood, I love the contrast.
I wanted to revamp my necklace displays so I got crafty and bought some bamboo cutting boards and nailed leather (scraps from a jacket) to them. I dig the combo of the leather and the wood and the badassness of the nails. These displays feel edgier and show the necklaces off better than the displays I was using.

Right now, aside from working on store orders, I'm busy sending catalogs out and trying to get into some new shops. I'll be in Santa Fe in a few weeks and NYC and Rhode Island in August. Let me know if you have any suggestions for great shops in those areas!

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Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe said...

Gorgeous work Jen, I loved Santa Fe and I'm sure ANY place there would adore your work! While we were living in Golden, CO there was a wonderful handful of shops that I bet would want to carry your work.. I will message them to you via Facebook :)