Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide - 8 Gifts From $28 - $98

Here's 8 (GREAT!) gift ideas under $100. These range from $28 to $98 through $10 increments. Something for everyone! These are all still available in my Etsy Shop, just click on the link under each image to purchase. You can even use coupon code FREESHIP but orders must be made by tomorrow to get these by XMAS.
I also have ONE MORE SHOW! Find me and all your favorite BCA Artist Market vendors at City Hall in Burlington this Friday (4-8) and Saturday (10-6) for the Annual Holiday Artist Market.
1) For your Pop: Brass Keychain $28 - Great stocking stuffer! This features a kind of patchwork pattern which delineates the 14 Vermont counties. The VT letters are made up of my signature "patch" design. 
2) For your new Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Tiny Sterling Key $38 - This little key is a sterling replica of a vintage skeleton key. 
3) For your Daughter or Son: Tree Pendant $48 -This lovely piece features a tree on one side and a leaf pattern on the other. Wear it on either side, great for an "every day" necklace. 
4) For your Momma: Small Copper Crescents $58
Can’t go wrong with my crescents! The color on the copper is due to a Flame-patina, which is a spontaneous process and allows for an array of red/orange colors patterns, no two are exactly alike.  
5) For your Wife: Ring Holder Necklace $68 - This simple necklace resembles a horse shoe and serves as a ring holder. I had a request from a massage therapist, she wanted a necklace that she could hang her wedding ring from so she could have her hands free. Also great for pregnant women for when finger sizes change.
6) For Rockin’ Out New Years Eve! Large Silver Pendulum $78
They are definitely related to my crescent earrings but maybe somewhat edgier, flashier, a bit more dramatic, a modernized/ futuristic version yet still an Ethnic and tribal feel.
7) For Yourself? You deserve it! Sterling Ladder Necklace $88
This modern necklace is so edgy but so simple. Sleek, thick, hammered sterling is united by oxidized sterling chain. 
For a Good Friend - Gold Chakra Necklace $98
Chakra Kahn - healing pendants. There are 7 major chakras. Each one has specific associations with certain elements, glands, colors, gemstones and physical and emotional disorders. Each one is also related to a personality trait, which can manifest in positive or negative ways depending if it’s energy is balanced or imbalanced. 
24k gold fused to pure silver suspended from precious stone strand.

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Melissa Thomas said...

you are so talented Jen...I love the ladder necklace!