Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3 More Stores!

2014 is coming to a close... I had my best shows ever this holiday season. Thanks so much for all the jewelry love! Feeling extremely thrilled and a bit exhausted. Somehow over the last few weeks I've even gotten into a few more stores, which brings the total to 17(!!!) 10 of which are in Vermont. 

You can now find my work at Axel's Frame Shop in Waterbury. 
This shop is part frame shop and also a gallery and they have a growing section of local, handmade work. The wonderful owner, Whitney Aldrich has been trying to get my jewelry for several years now so it's great to finally make it happen. She picked a perfect selection of silver and brass earrings and a few necklaces. What a fun place to check out before heading to eat at Pro Pig! She curates group shows and solo shows so there's always something fresh to find there.

Some of the pieces she chose.

Heather Turnbull opened a very cool looking shop in Rutland this year called Pure.Original. She carries handmade and unique gifts from Vermont and beyond as well as funky rare vintage finds. She ordered some of my earrings at my last show which will soon be there and at her new shop, of the same name, that's opening in Killington this week! 
You can now find some of my more spiritual necklaces at Yogarama. The Chakra Kahn line is growing! 
When you're there be sure to pet this little muppet. Chloe!!!
It was so much fun to stroll by Spellbound and see my necklace on the mannequin in the window!

 Love seeing Kahn Man on display inside too. 

Stopped by Trinket too and they are running out of work so be sure to get it while you can! If you're a real down-to-the-wire shopper and you're looking for places in Vermont that carry my work... here's some other shops where you can find it:
The Shoe Horn - Montpelier
Stoweflake Spa - Stowe, VT
Common Deer - Shelburne
I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and I wish you a splendid New Year. xo

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