Friday, March 6, 2015

Fake it till ya Make it!

Sometimes you gotta wing it. I'm still deciding if I want to do this HUGE wholesale trade show this summer but meanwhile I should apply. The application is quite brief and they want a photo of your booth. What do you you do if you've never had a real booth before? (I've done plenty of outside markets and smaller inside craft shows with my table but never needed/used a booth.) You could draw it or do a computer rendering but with so much riding on the image and so much competition for space, I wanted to do the absolute best I could do. So I bought a few more wood displays, I ordered 2 large photos of my work and tore apart the leaving room to have this corner space. I made sure to do this in the morning, when the light was coming in from 2 windows and I used some lamps for more light in the left front of the photo.

I love the motto "work with what ya got" so used my market table, and some items from my studio and my mirror and the bunting that hangs in the bedroom. I kept looking through the camera and filling the space to improve the photo, I got help and advice (thanks Brando, Molly, Celie, Erin and Nicole!) through each iteration until I got this: 
Super pleased with how it came out and I think it conveys enough "boothness".
Behind the scenes - couches smooshed over to one side of the living room.
 This is the first photo I took, with the banner that I bought just for this... I was too focused on the jewelry so it didn't look enough like a booth, like a big 10x12 space.
So I added some stuff to the back wall and stood further back for the photo. I also didn't like how the banner looked so I used the text from it and added it to the wall in photoshop. I like how it looks like decals, and decals are often used on walls in booths. But after looking at the photo on my computer and getting more advice, it seemed I should move things around in the back and better space things out.
 More behind the scenes! Had to move the couches again, I'm standing over one of them! 
A little close up shot, I nailed all the earring cards in place but they weren't hanging straight, a little double sided tape fixed that! 

So that's it...just thought I'd share...hope everyone has a great weekend! It's gonna be in the 30's here!

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