Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Birdfolk Collective - Coming to Winooski, VT, currently on Kickstarter!

So impressed with Nicole Carey of Nicole's Threads. She's currently killin' it! A month ago this was not even a thing. She heard about a retail space opening up in Winooski and she just went for it full force. She researched, she gathered, she made a plan. Last week she signed the lease and this week she launched her Kickstarter. This will benefit so many artists and will be a great addition to the blossoming Noosk. So excited for Nicole and so thrilled that she'll be carrying some of my work. 
In just one day she made it half way to her goal! So cool! It's amazing to witness the community's support. I love the great Birdfolk rewards she's offering... 

Check out her Kickstarter and help spread the word! The bird's the word! Birdfolk!!!

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Kevin Ramoz said...

Congratulations Nicole! Your enthusiasm is awesome and I am positive this journey will be a success. Thank you for representing the extraordinary maker community.
John Simon