Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Collection: Modern Relics 2015 available for pre-order on Kickstarter!

You can view the Kickstarter HERE! Please help spread the word! Thank you so much for your support! 
I've been making my "Modern Relics” since 2008 and now I feel like I’m pulling my own designs forward, simplifying them, and making them even more contemporary and wearable. It's been such a joy to put these together. 
I’ve never made an entire collection before. I generally, slowly try out new ideas, one at a time. A few years ago I launched such an idea, my Chakra Kahn Wraps with Kickstarter and they were successfully funded. It enabled me to begin to see how to really grow my business. It was a way to dip my toe into the pool. 
Last year I developed my wholesale line and got into 17 shops. Over the past few months, my goal was to design a line of killer necklaces that would really “wow” buyers and round out my line.
Now I’m taking a leap! My first wholesale tradeshow - NY NOW (formerly the NY International Gift Show) at the Javits center this August. Taking on this enormous show is diving into the deep end of the pool!
In return for your help getting me to this next level, you'll get these pieces before stores and at a discounted price!  Plus this would be a great way to really debut this new line and properly launch it into the world! The funds gathered will help with the production of the line, right here in Vermont and help to fund the costs for doing such a huge trade show (booth fees, booth set up, travel expenses, catalogs, advertising…)
I’m moving into my own REAL studio in the South end in June. I’m hoping to have a kickoff party there as well as have the whole line on display. Locals might even be able to pick up their rewards at that time.

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