Tuesday, September 16, 2014

IN with the old and IN with the new!

I love fashion. Strike that… I love sustainable fashion.
Getting more involved in the wholesale scene has gotten me more aware of the fashion world. Things happen so far in advance! It’s so strange to go from my market life, where every week I would re-make similar pieces to the ones that sold the previous week, to wholesale where stores order a season ahead. In this fast paced, ahead of things world, keeping up with the seasons means that there should be exciting new designs and a shedding of the old designs. I love making new work but I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to get rid of the old… 

I’m a fan of sustainability, of making work that’s timeless. We’re riding a merry go round of extremes, of trends of new and used and discarded. It’s such a disposable era, nothing’s made to last. I think, if something is good, if something is successful, it should remain.

I’m all for creativity and keeping things fresh but I’ve been cultivating my line for a decade. All of my customers, through the Artist Market and my Etsy shop have helped inform it, refine it. I guess it’s just different with handmade. I love when I hear that my earrings are a staple, a go to, a favorite, everyday pair. I like that they get worn and worn and become part of your story, take on your travels, your memories. 

I just want to make work that’s simple but eye catching… a little edgy but rooted in comfort, wearability, and there’s no time limit on these things. The beauty of taking the "ancient" and mixing it with the "modern" is that it can live in the NOW. There doesn’t need to be an “in” and an “out”, how about a solid ALWAYS!
Make new work but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. Just some thoughts while traversing this new path...
 Meanwhile I'm getting work ready to present to a new shop. I love how every fall copper earrings look fab with the surrounding colors!
This little Pendleton jewelry case is great, super compact and stylish. I stapled my earring cards to a few foam board sheets for extra display space.
It all fits and stays safe while being lightweight and looking professional. 
Happy Fall Y'all!

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