Monday, September 1, 2014

Necklace for Molly

For the past few months I've had the luck and pleasure of having Molly Williamson helping me crank work out. Molly is an amazing jeweler and jewelry artist. She works at Global Pathways on Church St and she makes gorgeous high end work, lots of raw minerals, diamonds, opals, in sterling and 14k gold. As she says, she "uses contrasting elements to produce something playful and feminine with a hint of grit and intrigue" - love that! She has her own voice and vision and she shares my love of rustic, earthy, simple but edgy designs. She has been helping drill, heat and file my metal shapes. And while we work we talk about the jewelry biz and Etsy and wholesaling and every little part of how one goes about selling jewelry.
Molly and me.
Molly is a native Vermonter and she loves making unique, wearable art in her studio in Cabot. She's happy to tweak any of her current designs and she loves custom work, she also does jewelry repair. I send all of my customers who want wedding rings and engagement rings her way (since that ain't my jam). 
She's new to Etsy and I'm helping her get her biz going. Check out her shop IgniteMetals and like her business page for news and sales. Use either page to contact her about custom work!

Some pieces in her Etsy shop - check them out - amazing!!!

Molly had been requesting one of my turquoise necklaces. I haven't done this kind of work for a really long time... years! I've been so focused on fast, simple designs and I was a bit reluctant to work on a more complex, higher end piece. Celie is always encouraging me to keep up with higher end work and the Stowe Craft Gallery asked me to make some "show stopper" pieces to add to their collection so with all of this rallying I decided to go for it. 
It's good to keep the PMC muscle/setting stone muscles alive and working. It also didn't hurt to be in Santa Fe last month, surrounded by turquoise and it's deep beauty. Seeing it all there made me look forward to diving back into my HUGE Chinese turquoise cab collection. Molly was thrilled that I was on board to create a necklace for her. I had her pick out the cabs and choose textures from my Tear Away papers.
I sat down to work on this last week and it was like riding a bike, my fingers knew just what to do and I was faster than ever at making the bezels. I was trying to get this done in time for Molly's bday and I did and she loved it! I'm going to make a couple more of the three piece necklaces and I plan on making some single pendants again too. 
The front.
The back.
 Molly and her new necklace!
I'm SUPER excited to be getting some work from Molly too, I have my eye on her twig rings. I'm thinking the bottom two rings from this set with her opal twig ring in between...

Update::: So in love my new twig stacking ring set! Feels like it was meant for me! This opal is crazy and the diamond and gold leaf fall into place so well around it. 

These go so nicely with my ring and my style but they are so fancy and special. 

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